Viking Stoves Worcester MA

Looking for Viking Stoves in Worcester? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Worcester that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Viking Stoves in Worcester.

Deb's Appliance Inc
(508) 754-5605
126 Dewey St
Worcester, MA
(508) 755-5639
Prompt Appliance Service
(508) 421-4900
20 Fernwood Dr
Worcester, MA
Sears Retail Outlet
(508) 845-1800
1000 Boston Tpke
Shrewsbury, MA
Vins Tv Service Company
(508) 756-9860
276 Bos Worc Tpke
Shrewsbury, MA
Reliable Home Appliance Service Center
(508) 752-3307
17 Greenwood St
Worcester, MA
Hannen Appliance
(508) 757-3403
194 Swan Ave
Worcester, MA
Skip's Appliance Service
(508) 752-0302
71 E Mountain St
Worcester, MA
Bradlees Department Store
(508) 791-4979
50 Boston Tpke
Shrewsbury, MA
Gary'S Appliance Repair
(508) 842-8414
106 Walnut St
Shrewsbury, MA

Viking Stoves

Viking Stoves

Viking has been called the Rolls Royce of kitchen appliances. The goal of the company is to introduce professional-quality cooking appliances into the common home.

Pros: Viking sells not only traditional freestanding ranges and ovens, but also rangetops, cooktops and even warming drawers. Although the standard finish on a Viking stove is stainless steel, there are over 20 different finishes that can be specially ordered. Another advantage of ordering a Viking stove is the ability to customize the surface configuration. For example, you can decide where you'd like to have your grills, griddles and other surface elements.

Cons: Simply put, Viking stoves, ranges and other cooking appliances are very expensive. Viking ranges sell for between $3,500 and $10,000, so they are clearly not an option for those looking to redo their kitchen on a budget. Although most Viking products are very well made, there are some that have a few minor flaws (which is disappointing, considering how expensive they are). Some Viking stoves have problems with igniters that don't ever seem to turn off. Others simply have poor design. For example, the knobs on some models are placed in very inconvenient positions. The top of the stove protrudes over the edge, which partially covers the knobs. This makes it very difficult to see them, and some owners claim that they need to kneel to tell whether they have set their oven to bake or broil.

Overall: Viking stoves and othe...

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