Teen Bedding Chelsea MA

Looking for Teen Bedding in Chelsea? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Chelsea that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Teen Bedding in Chelsea.

Sleepy's Burlington
(781) 816-7819
34 Cambridge Street
Burlington, MA
Northshore Furniture
(781) 599-7070
307 Union St
Lynn, MA
sunday Hours: CLOSED
Mon- Sat hrs: 10-7

CSN Stores
(800) 593-5251
115 Meadow Rd Building 200/ Dock 131
Hyde Park, MA
sunday Hours: 9-5
Mon- Sat hrs: 9-5

Mattress Giant
(617) 387-0580
21 Mystic View Rd
Everett, MA

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Select Comfort
(617) 225-0071
100 Cambridge Side Place, Space 308
Cambridge, MA

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Sleepy's Avon
(774) 999-0818
1 Harrison Blvd
Avon, MA
(617) 926-0400
122 Arsenal St
Watertown, MA
sunday Hours: 8-5
Mon- Sat hrs: 8-5

Sears Essentials
(978) 606-2200
10 Main St
Tewksbury, MA
sunday Hours: 11-6
Mon- Sat hrs: 10-9

Mattress Superstore
(781) 286-9990
40 Squire Rd
Revere, MA

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20th Century Provenance
(617) 547-2300
348 Broadway
Cambridge, MA

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Teen Bedding | Bedroom Accessories | American Modern Living

Great-looking bedding for teens

The teenage years are about testing the waters and finding independence and one's personal style. Decorating their own bedroom is a good project to help a teen with this process, as parents can give the teen lots of latitude but still maintain some control over the decisions. The choice of teen bedding makes a big impact on the decor in the bedroom since the bed is usually the largest single piece of furniture.

Purchasing Bedding for Teens

With the wide variety of sources for bedding, both in local stores and online, finding great bedding items is quite simple. Most teens like to first choose a color scheme for their room; bedding can then be selected in a complementary color or pattern.

Many teens are very brand-conscious, which can lead them to ask for more expensive bedding. To find what they want without breaking the bank, spend some time searching the Internet to locate outlets and online sources for discount teen bedding.

Traditionally, a teen boy's room tends toward blues and other strong colors, while teen girl bedding is often in pinks, purples and other "girly" colors. Current decorating styles are moving away from these traditions, however, and into new color palates such as black-and-white, aqua-and-brown and other fresh combinations of hues.

If possible, try to purchase bedding that can accompany the teen to college when the time comes. Pre teen bedding may have brighter colors and bolder designs, but odds are your teen will outgrow it as quickly as they do the pre teen years. Bedding in colors or patterns that are the current fad may quickly become tiresome, as well. If your teen simply must have a trendy comforter , try to find one that is reversible, with a more neutral color or pattern on the other side. That way, you can simply flip it over when the trend passes.

Bedding Project Ideas

For teens who want to save money or are into sewing, fabric and home decorating stores have a huge selection of fa...

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