Kitchen Furniture Retail Suppliers Green Valley AZ

The main function of a residential kitchen is cooking or preparing food. To make this function practical, you must have the right kitchen furniture, such as a microwave oven and other electric appliances. See below for the details of kitchen furniture retail suppliers in Green Valley, AZ and get the information you need for kitchen decoration.

BJ's Furniture
(520) 625-0005
125 W Calle De Las Tiendas
Green Valley, AZ
Arizona Upholstery and Fabric
(520) 578-4053
2811 W Alvaro Rd
Tucson, AZ
Granillo's Home Furnishings
(520) 573-0744
5125 S 12th Ave
Tucson, AZ
Los Panchitos
(520) 399-3353
69 W Esperanza Blvd
Green Valley, AZ

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Sonora Furniture
(520) 807-2525
4910 S 12th Ave
Tucson, AZ

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(520) 625-0983
1975 N La Canoa
Green Valley, AZ
LA Furniture
(520) 573-9720
225 E Valencia Rd Ste 180
Tucson, AZ
Sonora Furniture Store
(520) 807-2525
4910 S 12th Ave
Tucson, AZ
Sam Levitz
(520) 574-6539
6978 E Century Park Dr
Tucson, AZ

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Alexander's Furniture Store
(520) 323-0747
3525 E Fort Lowell Rd
Tucson, AZ
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Kitchen Furniture | Kitchen Design

The pieces that will have your room sizzling

If you're remodeling or redesigning your kitchen , you've got a tall order in front of you – the kitchen is one room where practicality is a must, but it's also a room that has great potential for theme and style.

Pieces That Work

Aside from the stove , refrigerator and other appliances, there are a few pieces of kitchen furniture that will also make your room work for you, not against you. The first among these is a kitchen island. Kitchen islands can do many things – they add extra working space, extra storage or both, depending on the type of island you choose. Some have built-in lazy Susans to make canned goods and other items easily accessible, while others have butcher block tops so you have a designated area to prepare your meals.

A kitchen island is also a great dining area if you don't have room for a full kitchen table. Choose the right kitchen island furniture, such as a set of bar stools or dining chairs , and you'll have a built-in seating area for your family to eat around.

If kitchen storage furniture is a must, you may also want to consider a bench seat. Comfortable to sit on when pushed against a wall, these seats open up to store household items you may not use every day but that you still like to keep handy.

Top Pieces of Kitchen Furniture:

Kitchen Table

Kitchen tables are a staple for any eat-in kitchen, and there's a style to suit any decor. If '50s and '60s styles catch your eye, try a retro kitchen table – a round kitchen table, diner-style with a vinyl top (in a checkerboard pattern, no less!) and metal legs and accent rim. A wood kitchen table is a more classic choice, but it still offers lots of versatility. The modern kitchen table take on wood is to incorporate light and dark stains, while a country kitchen table might be unfinished or distressed. If you do choose wood, pine and oak kitchen tables are very affordable, while teak and mahogany will take a bigger bite out of your budget.

If space is limited, small kitchen tables are the way to go. A corner kitchen table will help you cut down on space and can still sit two people comfortably, or try a fold-out table that can be pulled out and expanded for mealtimes, then tucked away again when not in use.

Kitchen Chairs

Once you've got the table, you're going to need complementary kitchen table chairs. For retro kitchen chairs, think vibrant vinyl, with a separate back and seat on a metal frame and large rivets running along the seams. A wooden kitchen chair set works in both country and contemporary rooms. Simple yet elegant lathed rungs on a chair give a cozy look to your country kitchen, while the sleek simplicity of ladderback chairs help create a more modern, magazine-worthy style.

Dressing up a kitchen chair can be as simple as buying new kitchen chair pads or covers. Parson chair (or parsons chair) sets, with their high backs and flat seats, lend themselves well to covers, whether it's mode...

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