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Interior design can make your interior environment better and enhance your home lifestyle. To produce an interior space that fulfills the home improvement project goals, interior designers use different methods and techniques that create a welcoming living space. See below for more information to find the best interior designers in Fairmont, WV.

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(304) 292-0605
408 High St.
Morgantown, WV
Interiors by Design
(304) 624-1559
702 Oakmound Rd.
Clarksburg, WV
Stephen Shutts Design
(304) 216-4486
1112 Steeplechase
Morgantown , WV
Lynn Buch Interiors
(304) 242-7832
1141 National Rd. Wheeling
Wheeling, WV
Design Concepts
(304) 757-9548
3058 Mt. Vernon Rd.
Hurricane, WV
Interior Images
(304) 292-0605
408 High St. Morgantown
Morgantown, WV
Interiors by Design
(304) 624-1559
702 Oakmound Rd. Clarksburg
Clarksburg, WV
Susan Hastings Interiors
(304) 580-0068
5229 Glenbrook Drive
Vienna, WV

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Lesia Campbell Interiors
(304) 536-5101
61 E Main St.
White Sulphur Springs, WV
Margaret Rader Interior Design
(304) 255-0272
339 Rural Acres Dr. Beckley
Beckley, WV
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Room Decorating Designs

Add-ons that are functional or just plain fun!

We've covered the major rooms in any home, but nowadays, people have all sorts of specialty rooms. These rooms might be made from a converted bedroom, a finished basement or even a complete addition to the existing structure of your home.

Generally, specialty rooms highlight hobbies or areas of interest, such as a workshop or wine cellar. However, some rooms (such as laundry rooms or furnace rooms) are simply a means of separating household functions from the more people-oriented areas of the home.

Since these rooms are out of the way, they tend to be the last rooms decorated – if they even do get decorated! But while they may not be design priorities, these rooms often require some form of appliance or furnishing, and eventually, you're probably going want to tie them in to your overall home decor. Many of these rooms, when done properly, can add great value to your home if you ever decide to sell, so paying a little attention to the details now can be well worth your while later.

Some of the most common additional rooms are:

  • Basement. The downstairs rooms of a house can be finished and used for recreation, or left unfinished and used for storage. Families with children typically choose to finish their basements to give the kids a place to play.
  • Garage . The garage's primary purpose is to store vehicles, but they're also often used for storing tools and equipment. Many garages also have a work bench area where handymen can engage in their favorite hobbies.
  • Guest Room. If you frequently entertain guests, it is a nice thing to be able to offer them their own bedroom. Guest rooms also ensure that you have "space to grow" if you're planning on having a family.
  • Library. Book collectors love to have a place to show off their wares, and an in-house library makes a distinguished addition to any home, provided you have the space.
  • Laundry Room . Washers and dryers make a lot of noise when they'...

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