Home Office Furniture Retailers Swampscott MA

Not everyone can afford a dedicated office in the house, but you can create designated study areas with home office desks, filing cabinets and other home office furniture on a small budget. See below for more home office furniture retailers in Swampscott, MA and get the furniture for your needs.

Baystate Office Furniture
(978) 750-0511
199 Newbury St.
Danvers, MA
Churchill Corporate Services
(617) 532-5866
133 South Street
Boston, MA
Office Environments of New England
(617) 439-4900
22 Boston Wharf Road, Ste. 810
Boston, MA
American Furniture Rentals
(781) 721-4555
485 Wildwood Avenue
Woburn, MA
Chris Harrison Enterprises
(617) 816-0389
14 Southview Street
Boston, MA
Staples, Inc. - Court Street
(617) 367-1747
25 Court Street
Boston, MA
Recycling Services
Recycling Desk
$3 Ink & Toner Credit

Humanscale Corp.
(617) 338-0077
179 South Street
Boston, MA
Peabody Office Furniture
(617) 542-1902
234 Congress Street
Boston, MA
American Furniture Rental Corp.
(781) 721-4555
485 Wildwood Ave.
Woburn, MA
The Office Guys, Inc.
(617) 304-4181
20 Mill Lane
Braintree, MA

Home Office Furniture

Creating a home office that works

As more and more people bring work home with them, or even work entirely from their homes, a functional home office is an essential part of any home design. But your home office doesn't have to be a hole in the wall, with only your computer and printer to add style – in fact, you'll find you get the most use out of the room if it fits your style and is a welcoming place to work in.

Crunching the Numbers

Above all else, quality home office furniture is the essence of your room. These means choosing pieces that combine comfort and functionality. Wood home office furniture has a reputation for standing up to the stress you put on it, and they don't have to break the budget. Pine home office furniture pieces are very affordable, as is oak home office furniture – it's only more expensive woods, such as teak or mahogany, that will really start to drive up your budget. Still, if you're looking to save money, you can find high quality used home office furniture in a variety of styles to suit any room, or discount home office furniture available in overstock stores.

As well as budget, you're going to have to consider the space in your room before you start bringing home pieces. For example, although beautiful mission style home office furniture might be your first choice, it just won't work in a tiny home office – you'll be bumping into the corners of your desk and tripping over the edges of your bookshelf, and before you know it, you'll dread the time spent in your office. Instead, if you're short on space, consider modular home office furniture. These pieces, such as an L-shaped desk with overhanging bookshelf will make the best use of space while still maintaining flow in the room.

If you're having trouble finding any furniture pieces that work in your space, and if you can afford it in your budget, consider custom home office furniture instead. Having a professional carpenter come in to assess your space and design pieces that work could be the easiest way to create the functional home office you need.

Popular Home Office Furniture:

Computer Chair

Like computer desks, it's also true that any chair can serve as a computer chair, but you'll quickly find that your comfort level is not what it should be with a conventional chair. Issues such as carpal tunnel or eye strain can occur if you don't position yourself properly in front of the computer. You may also find you need a chair mat with any computer chair, to keep from sliding around or to soften a hard surface.

An ergonomic computer chair is your best choice, because it allows you to adjust height, tilt and elbow room as well as back support. But if back pain is your main concern, a computer back chair with contoured padding could provide more relief. Whichever option you choose, stay away from a cheap computer chair – if you spend hours working in your home office, it won't provide the comfort level you need.

Creating the Style

The theme for ...

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