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Footaction USA
(919) 778-3003
621 N Berkeley Blvd Ste K
Goldsboro, NC
Hibbett Sports
(919) 778-1850
611 N Berkeley Blvd Ste C
Goldsboro, NC
Sportsman's World Team
(919) 731-7321
200 W Holly St
Goldsboro, NC
Sportsman's World Inc
(919) 731-4677
2001 E Ash St
Goldsboro, NC
Poolcue Syndicate
(252) 624-4606
911 Se Second Street
Snow Hill, NY
Walnut Creek Country Club Inc
(919) 778-2363
508 Lakeshore Dr
Goldsboro, NC
American Eagle Outfitters
(919) 778-1131
611 N Berkeley Blvd Ste F
Goldsboro, NC
Four Seasons Sports Inc
(919) 735-5500
1713 E Ash St
Goldsboro, NC
Applewhite Screen Printing & Embr
(919) 734-3616
123 W Walnut St
Goldsboro, NC
(919) 778-5220
1216 Parkway Dr # B
Goldsboro, NC

Home Gym

Designing your in home fitness center

When creating your own home gym, ask yourself the question, am I a serious fitness buff or just a casual exerciser? This will determine what gym equipment you need, which in turn will affect space and budget constraints.

Making room for home fitness

Once you know what type of gym you need, choose where your home fitness center will be located. Would you like it out of sight in the basement or a spare bedroom, or easily accessible in a corner of the living room or home office? Many people will forget to exercise if the machinery isn't in a high-traffic area of the home, so make sure you choose a place that will encourage you to use your exercise equipment.

Most equipment made for fitness at home is not for outdoor use, so use a climate-controlled area of your home. Also remember that space determines how much equipment you can handle and whether it must be easy to store.

Your budget will also decide what and how much equipment you purchase. If you're on a tight budget, consider fitness machines that offer more workout combinations for the best value.

Laying the foundation with home gym flooring

Appropriate home gym flooring is important to protect your floors, your equipment and your body. Some options include rolled rubber gym flooring and universal interlocking rubber tile flooring. The latter can be found in several thicknesses and color options and is cost effective for all levels of exercise. Rubber tile flooring is easy to install and can be "loose laid" for easy relocation.

Bringing the gym home

Here are some of the top home gym items:

  1. Traditional home gyms use free weights or machines with several stations on a single steel frame. They are durable enough for exercise enthusiasts, but are also great for inexperienced users because they ensure good technique. However, they require a lot of space.
  2. Power rod home gyms are very popular. They use flexible rods of varying stiffness to easily change resistance levels. This system requires less space and is less expensive, but it is also less durable and not a good choice for serious athletes who require greater resistance ranges.
  3. Gravity resistance home gyms are lightweight, least expensive and usually easily stored. They will not hold up to workouts for serious athletes, though..
  4. Treadmills are great for cardio, but offer no resistance training. Serious runners need to make sizeable investments on machines that will hold up to hea...

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