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A fitness machine is used for physical exercise. You can use these machines in fitness centers with a personal trainer, or you can buy one for your own use. See below for more information about fitness machine manufacturers & retailers in Shreveport, LA.

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What to look for in a fitness machine

Today's high gym membership fees and gas prices make exercising at home a preferable option. Combine that with the ability to workout whenever your schedule allows, and the home gym has great appeal. Finding the right aerobic exercise equipment is an essential ingredient in setting up a home gym.


One of the key ingredients in finding the right exercise equipment is space. Large pieces of cardio fitness equipment can take up a rather large area. While many of these machines are able to be compacted for storage, the problem comes when it is time to actually use the fitness machine. Take measurements of the length and width of the exercise area and compare them to the measurements of the exercise equipment.

Small spaces would do well with smaller types of cardo equipment such as rowing machines, jump ropes, step machines or stationary exercise bicycles.

Larger spaces easily accommodate treadmills, elliptical machines or recumbent cycles.


The heavier the cardio fitness equipment, the harder it is to move. Even things such as folding treadmills or collapsible aerobic exercise equipment can be a pain to move. Additional personnel may be required when the fitness equipment arrives.

Fun Factor

The perfect aerobic exercise equipment needs to keep the user's attention in order to be useful. Changing the settings or displaying interesting statistics serves to motivate the user to reach his or her goals.


The more complex the operation of the cardio fitness equipment, the less likely it is to be used. Directions should be clearly stated and easy to understand.


New or used is the big question when purchasing the right fitness machine. New machines are typically more expensive. However, they do come with a warranty. Used machines are cheaper but do have downfalls. First, the condition of the cardio fitness equipment may not be pristine. Also, figure shipping prices and assembly fees into the overall cost of fitness equipment.


Fitness machine maintenance should be easily accomplished. All fitness machines need some type of maintenance performed. Any equipment needed to accomplish this should be included and the process explained in understandable terms in the users manual.

Finding the right cardio exercise equipment will encourage use and provide a keen sense of accomplishment when fitness goals are reached. Aerobic exercise equipment needs to be usable in the available space, able to hold the user's attention for long periods of time, easy to operate, affordable and easy to maintain. Fitness goals are attainable with the right equipment and motivation to succeed.

by Tabitha Akery

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