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(910) 577-7561
175 Freedom Way
Camp Lejeune, NC
Best Buy Jacksonville
(910) 478-3145
1116 Western Blvd
Jacksonville, NC
Major Furniture & Appliance Super Store
(910) 353-3132
2129 Lejeune Blvd
Jacksonville, NC
High Point Furniture & Tv
(910) 353-7355
2037 Lejeune Blvd
Jacksonville, NC
Appliance Service Center
(910) 353-8668
821 Sand Ridge Rd
Jacksonville, NC
Al'S Phase 4 Refrigeration Ac & Electric
(910) 577-7239
5 Savage Ct
Camp Lejeune, NC
Powell'S Appliance & Lp Gas Repair Service
(910) 577-3009
1486 Piney Green Rd
Jacksonville, NC
Johnstone Supply Jacksonville
(910) 989-0800
110 Brynn Marr Rd
Camp Lejeune, NC
(910) 577-7040
236 Brynn Marr Rd
Camp Lejeune, NC
Furniture Fair Inc
(910) 455-9595
507 Bell Fork Rd
Jacksonville, NC

Dryers, Laundry Room Appliances

Get rid of the clothes line for good

What's better than pulling on a comfy sweater? Pulling on a comfy sweater still warm for the dryer! A good dryer is invaluable – it dries clothes faster than a clothes line or clothes drying rack , and it reduces, if not eliminates, the need for ironing. Clothes come out softer, smoother and smelling better in far less time.

Dryers, like washers, are no longer white behemoths lurking in the corner of your laundry room. They're quiet, efficient machines with a variety of options, like steamers, drying drawers and lots of different temperatures and tumble speeds.

Choosing a Dryer

When you choose a clothes dryer, you should consider one of two things: do you want a separate washer and dryer or do you want a washer dryer combo? Contrary to popular belief, a stackable washer dryer is not more fragile or less powerful than separate appliances. In fact, if you need to save space, this option is better.

Next, consider how much laundry you do or how much you'll need to use the options that the dryer comes with. If you don't think you'll use a lot of features, a cheaper dryer is probably better. If you know that you'll need to steam your clothes or lay your sweaters flat to dry, then these options might be worth the higher price tag.

Types of Dryers

Choose between a gas dryer and an electric dryer. Gas dryers are more expensive, but they'll cut down your power bill. Electric dryers are cheaper and remain the norm. Either way, make sure that the dryer's rating matches the energy settings for your city. Most modern dryers are energy efficient.

Tumble dryers come in vented or condenser forms. Vented drying uses a plastic hose to pump the damp air outside the home and is probably the most common way to tumble dry. Condenser dryers suck the water out of the air and pump it out either through the washing machine plumbing or into a container for emptying, much like a dehumidifier. Condenser dryers are a little more expens...

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