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Heaven's Best
(605) 275-2787
Sioux Falls, SD
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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Association

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Walden Carpets
(605) 361-6199
3100 So Carolyn
Sioux Falls, SD
Flooring America Of Sioux Falls
(605) 498-8000
27107 Independence Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Professional Carpet & Cleaning Services
(605) 338-9017
812 N Helen Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Professional Carpet And Cleaning Services
(605) 338-9017
812 N. Helen Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD
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IICRC Certified, HBA, BBB,
Carpet, Upholstery, Tile, Grout, Rugs, Boats, SUV's
Monday - Friday Sat. & Sun. by Appointment. 24hr Emg. Service
Certified in Carpet & Water Restoration
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Sioux Falls Carpet One
(605) 335-6687
2101 W 41St
Sioux Falls, SD
Dick Thornton Carpet
(605) 368-2568
27106 Independence Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Rainbow International Restoration & Cleaning
(605) 271-1111
700 E. 52nd St. North
Sioux Falls, SD
Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
(605) 359-2746
820 S Roberts Dr
Sioux Falls, SD
Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and grout cleaning, water damage restoration

Nationwide Cleaning Systems
(605) 331-5050
1105 N Cliff Ave Suite 102
Sioux Falls, SD
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Carpet, Home Design

Creating a statement from the floor up

Carpeting seems to go in and out of style over the years, especially with the latest trends in affordable and attractive laminate flooring . But with so many color and texture options, carpeting can be a practical and stylish choice in many areas of the house, so you may want to take a second look before writing it off for your redesign.

Carpeting Design Options

Most often, carpeting is chosen to blend into a room, so neutral colors are a practical choice. But if you're looking to make a statement, you can make your room pop with a bold color, such as red or deep gray. Just be wary of choosing a fad color or something you'll grow tired of โ€“ carpeting is a big investment, so you'll want something that you'll be happy to look at for years to come.

When it comes to carpet textures, your practical side may have to outweigh your style sensibilities. Although shag or deep-pile carpets may seem luxurious on the feet and the eye, you'll regret having them in high-traffic areas where dirt can collect. Instead, opt for a low-pile carpet which can easily be vacuumed or steam-cleaned when the time comes. If you want the look of a vintage room, complete with shag carpeting, try it in a carpet runner or a rug to accent either bare floors or a low-pile carpet โ€“ you'll get all the look but without the hassle of cleanup.

Popular Types of Carpet:

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is a term for a slightly textured, cut pile constructed carpet that is created using small and larger tufts, giving it a hand-spun appearance. Often, Berber carpet colors will be limited to neutrals such as off-white or light gray, but it can also have flecks of a darker shade mixed in. This color scheme makes it great for both blending into a room and concealing dirt.

When it comes to Berber carpet cleaning, different types will require different care. For the most part, cleaning a Berber carpet is just like cleaning any other carpet โ€“ regular vacuuming and a yearly deep clean are recommended. However, one tip to keep in mind is to stay away from the beater bar or rotating brush attachment on your vacuum, as these can snag the loop tufts in Berber carpet and cause damage.

Persian Carpet

Persian carpets are considered a luxury item, with a history and beauty that dates back over 1,000 years ago. Nowadays, Persian carpets are mostly machine made, but for a higher price tag, you can add an authentic handmade Persian carpet to your floor. For historical interest, you can also purchase an antique Persian carpet, or simply achieve the look with a replica antique. Modern styles are also available, with updated patterns and designs.

Cleaning Persian carpet, particularly antique carpets, requires a little more attention than ordinary carpets. Vacuuming is a must, but steam cleaning and dry cleaning can damage the carpet. Washing with thorough rinsing is allowed, but surface shampooing is definitely out. For maintenance purposes, use an...

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