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Tidal Kitchen & Bath Design Center
(410) 224-4720
910 D Bestgate Rd
Annapolis, MD
Marsellas Melvin JR Plumbing
(410) 266-7442
1871 Luce Creek Dr
Annapolis, MD
Three Rivers Builders
(410) 280-8652
PO Box 3001
Annapolis, MD
Maryland Tub & Tile
(301) 785-2649
7823 Outing Avenue
Pasadena, MD
Cardigan Kitchens & Baths
(301) 464-2399
2141 Priest Bridge Dr
Crofton, MD
Welsh Construction Remodeling Co
(410) 268-3949
9 Northwest St
Annapolis, MD
Three Rivers Builders,LLC
(410) 280-8652
1 klakring ct
Annapolis, MD
Kitchen & Bath Warehouse
(410) 595-7300
PO Box 5041
Annapolis, MD
Advanced Plumbing Services
(410) 451-4911
2145 Priest Bridge Dr
Crofton, MD
Bath Rebuilders
(410) 451-3888
2138 Priest Bridge Ct
Crofton, MD

Showers | Bathroom Remodeling Advice

Your fifteen-minute at-home spa experience

It's a part of everyone's morning routine – we hope! Showering is probably the second most common reason to use the bathroom. When you're remodeling your bathroom, choosing an appropriate shower is just as important as choosing the floor or the right color of paint for the walls. Your shower shouldn't feel like a routine – the whole point of redecorating your bathroom is to create a better experience for the people who use it.

Shower Types and Choices

Bathroom renovation sparks excitement in nearly every homeowner, but before you go to pick out a new shower, you should take a few things into consideration:

  • Calculate how much space you have in your bathroom. Are you replacing an existing shower or are you building a whole new fixture? This will make a difference in what you buy and how much your whole project will cost.
  • Decide what type of shower system you're buying. You can buy a kit, which comes with shower walls, a door, a shower head and a shower base or pan. If you choose this method, then make sure that your home improvement store provides detailed instructions. If you're going to go with a contractor, be sure to get an estimate first before going ahead with the project.
  • Decide how your new shower will use energy. An electric shower heats only the amount of water that's going to be consumed, while a power shower uses a pump to boost water pressure. A solar shower uses the power of the sun to save on energy.

Shower Designs

Depending on the style of your bathroom, a shower can really set off its design and add to the comfort of one of the most important rooms of your house.

A luxury bathroom is full of spa-like facilities, so a jet shower or massage shower is a good option for this design. Think sumptuousness – include lots of gleaming chrome and dark slate with a large rainfall shower head. A seated shower allows you to stay in much longer than you normally would! A steam shower lets you experience a sauna in your own bathroom. All of these options are perfect for a luxury bathroom.

Country bathrooms are soft, pastel-colored oases with lots of different textures and gliding curves. Consider a curved corner shower or a bath tub and shower enclosure so that you can relax as well as get clean.

Art deco bathrooms have a lot of black, white and chrome – choose a shower with exposed chrome hoses and a large shower head with carefully arranged tiles. Or, you can use black-and-white patt...

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