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Bathroom remodeling can increase the value of your home effectively. With cleansing body spas, steam showers, stone vanities, and other spa-like amenities, a perfect bathroom can be created. Read on for more useful information below to find the bathroom remodeling contractors in Lima, OH for your home improvement project.

Glass Doctor
(419) 331-4500
770 Shawnee Rd
Lima, OH
J & B Prestigious Additions Llc
(419) 999-5858
2478 Alexandria Dr
Lima, OH
Holmes Improvements
(419) 222-7828
3905 E State Rd
Lima, OH
American Dream Bath
(419) 339-0880
115 W Kiracofe Ave
Lima, OH
Bath Fitter
(419) 229-2284
3600 Elida Rd
Lima, OH
Midwest Rebath
(419) 227-3882
2121 Elida Rd
Lima, OH
Winters David Tile Co Ltd
(419) 222-6974
1103 Delphos Ave
Lima, OH
Wiechart Remodeling Llc
(419) 228-0989
206 N Central Ave
Lima, OH
Renovations By Fultz
(419) 225-8450
357 Lester Ave
Lima, OH
Elite Builders
(419) 225-3425
1829 Frail Rd
Lima, OH

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Create a splash with these bathroom remodeling ideas

The bathroom is the one room in any home that every member of the household will use on a daily basis. And yet, for such an integral part of the home, the bathroom is often undervalued or even entirely overlooked when it comes to decorating and home decor. Sure, some homeowners will spend thousands of dollars on bathroom remodeling, altering bathroom fixtures or adding bathroom tile. But there are many others who will put little more thought into decorating than just slapping some paint on the walls and picking out a matching set of bathroom accessories . Done properly, bathroom decor can take your bathroom from merely functional to totally fabulous, making this much-used space more enjoyable to spend time in.

Bathroom Decorating

As with other rooms in the home, the bathroom should have a particular theme or look. This creates a cohesive design and provides direction for selecting bathroom furniture, plumbing fixtures and other decor items. The most popular bathroom designs are antique, art deco, modern, country and luxury. Each of these bathroom themes is unique and requires certain stylistic elements to be incorporated into your bathroom decor.

The key to an antique bathroom is a clawfoot tub and brass bath fixtures with porcelain handles or accents. A bathroom pedestal sink recalls the days of wash basins on stands, and an antique medicine cabinet completes the look. If you really want to play up the antique feel, look for pull chain toilets.

Art deco design takes its lead from the 1920s – wood furniture with rounded fronts and mirrored and glass accents. An art deco bathroom is the perfect place for that glass top bathroom vanity or wood medicine cabinet. Black and white bathroom tiles are also a must, especially when arranged in a geometric bathroom tile design.

If bright, bold colors are more your style, a modern bathroom could be for you. Think 1950s – solid colors, stark lines and high shine. Rectangular bath tubs and sinks in gleaming white porcelain work best, and chrome faucets and fixtures are just the kind of highly polished surfaces needed to complete the look.

For those who prefer softer hues, the muted palette of country decor may be just the thing. A country bathroom pairs subdued colors with simple patterns such as stripes, gingham and plaid to create that rustic, homey feel. The gentle curves of a vessel sink or soaking tub are the perfect complement to this relaxed, c...

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