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Colorado Bathrooms, Inc
(303) 880-8666
Westminster, CO
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Do-It-Ur_Self Plumbing & Heating Supplies
(303) 297-0455
3100 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO
Kitchens At The Denver
(303) 629-0119
639 Kalamath St
Denver, CO
Denver Swim Club
(303) 322-4023
6923 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO
Denver Hardware
(303) 292-3550
3200 Walnut St
Denver, CO
House Of Plumbing Fixtures
(303) 293-3939
4221 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO
Denver Hardware
(303) 292-3550
3200 Walnut St
Denver, CO
Lake Steam Baths
(303) 825-2995
3540 W Colfax Ave
Denver, CO
Eurobath & Tile
(303) 298-8453
475 S Broadway
Denver, CO
Bed Bath And Beyond
(303) 373-1406
11685 E 53rd Ave
Denver, CO

Toilets | Bathroom Remodeling Advice | American Modern Living

More than just a bathroom necessity

The john, the loo, the porcelain throne – whatever you call it, the toilet is a necessary part of any home. But when it comes to redecorating your bathroom, you probably haven't given your toilet much thought. Even though it's a bit of a taboo subject, your toilet is just as important as the rest of your bathroom fixtures when it comes to creating a style. Picking out the perfect toilet can really pull your bathroom design together.

Toilet Selection

When you choose a toilet for your bathroom, you should consider safety and quality standards first. Make sure your toilet:

  • Conforms to your local standards.
  • Is a well-known brand, such as American Standard, Kohler, or Toto. Choosing a well-known brand makes it easier if you need to repair or replace the toilet down the road.
  • Is properly installed. Installing your own toilet is possible, but to ensure safety and avoid problems down the road, it's probably better to hire a professional, unless you know exactly what you're doing.

Toilet Styles

Although safety and quality are extremely important, you've probably got an idea of how you want your bathroom to look. Choosing a toilet that suits the theme of your bathroom is also important.

Art deco bathrooms are pure 1920s with their black and white tiled floors and warm wooden cabinets and accents, so a black toilet would look great in this setting. A wooden toilet seat on a regular toilet would also suffice.

Country bathrooms bring up images of relaxing in a light-filled space with lots of pastel colors and soft, patterned fabrics. An elongated toilet bowl with exposed pipes and a soft toilet bowl cover will continue this mood. You can also choose a custom-patterned toilet seat to really make a statement.

Think old-fashioned if you're planning an antique bathroom. Try installing a water closet with a pull chain toilet or an exposed-pipe antique toilet with a black seat.

Modern bathrooms have bright, bold colors and gleaming chrome fixtures. Stick with a standard two piece toilet in pure white porcelain and keep it polished to a high shine. Make sure your toilet bowl is rounded for an authentic '50s look.

Finally, if it's a luxury bathroom you're planning, you have the perfect excuse to go all-out with your fixtures. Luxury bathrooms often include a bidet toilet and standard toilet set side by side. Try experimenting with an ultra-contemporary wall mounted toilet or an elongated toilet bowl.

Of c...

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